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ID: 27
Geo Aaccession: (GEO site)
Title: Granulosa cell tumorigenesis (Mu11K-B)
Series Id: GSE499 (Link to GEO)
Platform Id: GPL76 (Link to GEO)
Description: Comparison of global changes in ovarian transcriptomes uniquely associated with either granulosa cell tumors or luteomas
and identification of new markers for this tumor phenotype. Luteinizing hormone hypersecreting mice studied.
Type: Expression profiling by array
Pubmed id: 12040011
Platform organism: Mus musculus
Platform technology type: in situ oligonucleotide
Feature count: 6595
Sample type: RNA
Channel count: 1
Sample count: 9
Value type: count
Reference series: GSE499
Order: none
Update date: 2003-07-01
GDS Sample Table: