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ID: 42
Geo Aaccession: (GEO site)
Title: Macrophages infected with Salmonella (SHAD2)
Series Id: GSE503 (Link to GEO)
Platform Id: GPL177 (Link to GEO)
Description: Identification of host pathways affected by the Salmonella virulence transcription factor phoP. phoP found to play a role in Salmonella-induced human macrophage cell death.
Type: Expression profiling by array
Pubmed id: 11320214
Platform organism: Homo sapiens
Platform technology type: spotted DNA/cDNA
Feature count: 24192
Sample type: RNA
Channel count: 2
Sample count: 2
Value type: log ratio
Reference series: GSE503
Order: none
Update date: 2003-07-23
GDS Sample Table: