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ID: 13
Geo Accession: GSE13 (GEO Site)
Title: Murine bone marrow B cell precursors
Platform id: GPL75 GPL76
Sample id:
Total 55 GSM
Status: Public on Jan 09 2002
Submission date: 2001-11-28
Last update date: 2012-06-21
Pubmed id: 11779835  
Summary: Affymetrix GeneChip derived gene expression profiles of flow sorted murine B cell precursors, ex-vivo isolated, RNA-amplified
Keywords = RNA amplification, B cell development, oligonucleotide arrays
Keywords: ordered
Type: Expression profiling by array
Contributor: Reinhard,,Hoffmann; Thomas Seidl; Martin Neeb; Antonius Rolink; Fritz Melchers; Ton Rolink
Contact: Name: Reinhard Hoffmann; Email: reinhard.hoffmann@lrz.tum.de; Phone: +49-89-4140-4155; Institute: Institute for medical microbiology; Address: Trogerstr. 30; City: Munich; Zip/postal_code: 81675; Country: Germany
Ftp sMatrix: GSE13 sMatrix
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