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ID: 15
Geo Accession: GSE15 (GEO Site)
Title: Group2
Platform id: GPL24
Sample id:
Total 11 GSM
Status: Public on Jan 03 2002
Submission date: 2002-01-03
Last update date: 2012-02-23
Summary: Replicate group 2 for GSE11. All samples were processed in parallel to minimize any variation introduced during target preparation.
Keywords: parallel sample
Type: Expression profiling by array
Contributor: Iain,A,Eaves; Linda,S,Wicker; Ghassan Ghandour; Paul,A,Lyons; Laurence,B,Peterson; John,A,Todd; Richard,J,Glynne
Contact: Name: Iain Eaves; Email: iain@gene.cimr.cam.ac.uk; Phone: ++44 (0)1223 762105; Fax: ++44 (0)1223 762102; Laboratory: JDRF/WT Diabetes and Inflammation Laboratory; Department: Medical genetics; Institute: Cambridge Institute for Medical Research; Address: Hills Road; City: Cambridge; Zip/postal_code: CB2 2XY; Country: United Kingdom; Web_link: http://www-gene.cimr.cam.ac.uk ..
Ftp sMatrix: GSE15 sMatrix
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