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ID: 37
Geo Accession: GSE37 (GEO Site)
Title: BYxwild_40
Platform id: GPL118
Sample id:
Total 80 GSM
Status: Public on May 01 2002
Submission date: 2002-04-26
Last update date: 2013-05-01
Pubmed id: 11923494  
Summary: Expression analysis of F1 haploid segregants from a cross between BY4716 (isogenic to S288c) and a wild isolate collected by R. Mortimer. Each segregant sample was subjected to a dye-swap pair of arrays. All arrays used the same pool of reference BY4716 sample. In sample titles, "BY" alone signifies the reference sample and all other strings represent segregants. All sample titles are of the form S1-S2. S1 indicates the sample whose signal was read as channel 1 (Cy5 labeling, fluorescence at 635 nm) and S2 as channel 2 (Cy3, 532 nm).
Keywords: repeat sample
Type: Expression profiling by array
Contributor: Rachel,B,Brem; Gael Yvert; Rebecca Clinton; Leonid Kruglyak
Contact: Name: Rachel Brem; Email: rbrem@fhcrc.org; Phone: 206-667-5659; Fax: 206-667-5978; Laboratory: Kruglyak; Department: Human Biology; Institute: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute; Address: 1100 Fairview Ave. N. D4-100; City: Seattle; State: WA; Zip/postal_code: 98109; Country: USA; Web_link: http://www.fhcrc.org/labs/krug ..
Ftp sMatrix: GSE37 sMatrix
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