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ID: 7
Geo Accession: GSE7 (GEO Site)
Title: Tryptophan metabolism response in E. coli
Platform id: GPL16 GPL17
Sample id:
Total 29 GSM
Status: Public on Jul 30 2001
Submission date: 2001-07-30
Last update date: 2012-02-23
Pubmed id: 11027315  
Summary: DNA microarray analysis of gene expression in response to physiological and genetic changes that affect tryptophan metabolism in Escherichia coli.
We investigated the global changes in mRNA abundance in Escherichia coli elicited by various perturbations of tryptophan metabolism. To do so we printed DNA microarrays containing 95% of all annotated E. coli ORFs. We determined the expression profile that is predominantly dictated by the activity of the tryptophan repressor. Only three operons, trp, mtr, and aroH, exhibited appreciable expression changes consistent with this profile. The quantitative changes we observed in mRNA levels for the five genes of the trp operon were consistent within a factor of 2, with expectations based on established Trp protein levels. Several operons known to be regulated by the TyrR protein, aroF-tyrA, aroL, aroP, and aroG, were down-regulated on addition of tryptophan. TyrR can be activated by any one of the three aromatic amino acids. Only one operon, tnaAB, was significantly activated by the presence of tryptophan in the medium. We uncovered a plethora of likely indirect effects of changes in tryptophan metabolism on intracellular mRNA pools, most prominent of which was the sensitivity of arginine biosynthetic operons to tryptophan starvation.
This study is detailed in Khodursky AB et al.(2000) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 97:12170-5
Keywords: other
Type: Expression profiling by array
Contributor: A,B,Khodursky; B,J,Peter; N,R,Cozzarelli; D Botstein; P,O,Brown; C Yanofsky
Contact: Name: Stanford Microarray Database; Email: array@genome.stanford.edu; Phone: 650-498-6012; Department: Stanford University, School of Medicine; Institute: Stanford Microarray Database (SMD); Address: 300 Pasteur Drive; City: Stanford; State: CA; Zip/postal_code: 94305; Country: USA; Web_link: http://genome-www5.stanford.ed ..
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