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ID: 37
GEO Accession: GSM37 (GEO site )
Title: NHGRI_UACC-2534
Series ID: GSE1
Platform ID: GPL7
Status: Public on Jan 24 2001
Submission date: 2001-01-08
Last update date: 2005-05-27
Type: RNA
Channel count: 2
Source name ch1: melanoma, abdomen
Organism ch1: Homo sapiens
Molecule ch1: total RNA
Source name ch2: NHGRI_Melanoma_Ref
Organism ch2: Homo sapiens
Molecule ch2: total RNA
Description: Biopsy location: adbomen
Patient sex: male
Patient age: 68
Passage number: 7
p16 mutation status: deleted
Invasive ability: 3.2 +/- 0.02%
Vasculogenic mimicry: -
Gel contraction: ND
Cell motility: ND
Scratch wound (%): 7

See http://www.nhgri.nih.gov/DIR/M ..
and http://www.nhgri.nih.gov/DIR/M ..
Contact: Name: Michael Bittner; Email: mbittner@nhgri.nih.gov; Phone: 301-496-7980; Fax: 301-402-3241; Department: Cancer Genetics Branch; Institute: NHGRI, NIH; Address: ; City: Bethesda; State: MD; Zip/postal_code: 20892; Country: USA; Web_link: http://www.nhgri.nih.gov/Intra ..
Data row count: 8192
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