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ID: 50
GEO Accession: GSM51 (GEO site )
Title: cerebellargenexpdata_P07
Series ID: GSE2
Platform ID: GPL8
Status: Public on Apr 26 2001
Submission date: 2001-04-19
Last update date: 2005-05-27
Type: RNA
Channel count: 1
Source name ch1: cerebellum
Organism ch1: Mus musculus
Molecule ch1: total RNA
Description: Gene expression profile in developing mouse cerebellum at postnatal day 7. Mean signal from two array experiments are given.
This study was performed in order to assist in the understanding of the genetic basis of
cerebellar development in mice. E18-, P14-, P21-, and P56- data are shown in GSM50, GSM52, GSM53, and GSM54, respectively.
Contact: Name: Yoshihiro Kagami; Email: ykagami@brain.riken.go.jp; Phone: +81-48-467-6079; Fax: +81-48-467-6079; Laboratory: Molecular Neurogenesis; Department: ; Institute: RIKEN Brain Science Institute; Address: 2-1 Hirosawa; City: Wako-shi; State: Saitama; Zip/postal_code: 351-0198; Country: Japan; Web_link: http://www.brain.riken.go.jp/l ..
Data row count: 897
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